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Great American Eclipse ’17

We had an amazing experience at the Great American Eclipse in Salem, Oregon! The logistics of finding lodging, renting a car, renting camera hardware and navigating traffic were totally crazy.  When it comes to solar eclipses, missing totality is like … Continue reading

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I can see sunspots

I have been on a bit of a quest to observe the sun effortlessly, without discomfort, and with my own eyes.  There are plenty of great photos and videos of the sun in different wavelengths, but experiencing the sun without any digitization or intervening detectors has been a goal of mine.

I can finally report the combination of filters that allow anyone to comfortably view the sun.

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Solar-powered boat!

I recently took a trip to Alcatraz island to see the @Large Ai Weiwei art exhibit.  On the way to the island, I was delighted to find that my ferry was solar-powered!

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Shift registers and Voltage display

I’ve been having great fun with the Arduino Uno microcontroller board.  Here I’ve got the Arduino using a shift register to light up a 7-segment display output.

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Photon Battery Device (PBD)

Hey it worked!  Finally put together my new solar-powered ultra-high power LED and it’s sweet!  The solar cell is 1W and the LED runs at 2W, so for every two minutes of sun you get one minute of light!

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Energy Conversion Project

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Q2 2012 PV Quarterly Reports

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