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C# WinForms offers a suite of fully-featured controls for building responsive, event-driven user interfaces. However, there is limited native support for data visualization and the existing tools show poor performance when plotting >100K data points.

My solution to this problem is DataGridViewPrime, a class extension of DataGridView that includes functions to Save, Copy and Explore the data source bound to the control. The features are accessed though a new context menu created for the control.

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Abella, enclosed

Although Abella used to live in a shoebox, now the electronic musical instrument has been fully soldered and packaged in a project box.  The prototype is complete!

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Need to organize data from the web? .NET framework has you covered.

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Samurai II

I’ve been working on resurrecting my original Samurai game, except using some respectable 3D graphics, better user input and more realistic physics.  Samurai II is in the works.

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The game was a project for me in 2004 using some very poor graphics library in C++ but despite its technical shortcomings… IT WAS AMAZING!!!

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