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Mt Hamilton ride

After I completed my Mt Umunhum ride, I turned my sights on another prominent feature on the horizon in San Jose – the Lick Observatory at Mt Hamilton. For my first exploratory attempt I followed the recommendation to use Mt … Continue reading

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Mt Umunhum ride

If you’ve spent time in San Jose, you’ve probably noticed the large concrete building on a mountain peak to the south in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The peak is Mt. Umunhum and the building is part of a radar tower … Continue reading

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Visiting the Columbia Icefield

I just walked on a glacier!  We were visiting Canada’s Banff National Park and decided to take a day trip up to the Columbia Icefield.  I fully understand that by taking a tourist trip up a glacier we are increasing … Continue reading

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Banff National Park

We just came back from an excellent trip to Canada’s Banff National Park.  Here’s some of what we saw during our visit! We recommend the Tea House Challenge at Lake Louise!

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Visiting Hawaii’s Fissure 8

Our trip to Hawaii coincided with the lower Puna eruption on the eastern side of Kilauea rift zone.  The area had not experienced a volcanic event since the 1960s and several housing communities had been constructed including Leilani Estates and … Continue reading

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Struggle in China!

Hey guys, me and the band came back from the craziest trip to China to play at the Hanergy new year’s party!  I still can’t believe this happened! Here’s some shots from backstage and rehearsal: And also a montage of … Continue reading

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Great American Eclipse ’17

We had an amazing experience at the Great American Eclipse in Salem, Oregon! The logistics of finding lodging, renting a car, renting camera hardware and navigating traffic were totally crazy.  When it comes to solar eclipses, missing totality is like … Continue reading

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