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USB toggle switch extension

Last week I found myself in need of a USB toggle switch.  Such a device would allow me to toggle the power on a USB device without having to unplug it.  It is true – I suffer from a disorder that requires me to construct a USB switch rather than simply unplug my devices.

This simple device uses a USB extension cord and a slide switch connected to the +5V power line (the red wire).  If you happen to have a device  [such as an external video card] that requires to be reset every few days, simply toggle the switch when a reset is needed.

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I can see sunspots

I have been on a bit of a quest to observe the sun effortlessly, without discomfort, and with my own eyes.  There are plenty of great photos and videos of the sun in different wavelengths, but experiencing the sun without any digitization or intervening detectors has been a goal of mine.

I can finally report the combination of filters that allow anyone to comfortably view the sun.

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