Screen door for the foster room

Earlier this year we started volunteering as part of the The Dancing Cat foster network, a group that cares for cats while they are looking for their forever home. We have two resident cats so keeping a two-week quarantine with foster cats is important to prevent disease transmission, parasite spreading and territorial fighting. We have a separate room for the foster cats, so of course we can close the door to enforce the quarantine, but then we have to deal with escape attempts whenever we open the door. I tried a removable screen but it required constant supervision and ended up too fragile for the task.

Then I decided to install a screen door to create two cat zones in our house. Even though the door is meant for outdoor doorways, it works great on the bedroom doorway. We have the original solid door opening inwards and the screen door opening outwards so we can decide which door to use based on the circumstances. For us it’s made the foster room feel like part of the house while maintaining separation between resident and foster cats for as long as we need.


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