Let’s make electrical outlets!

Now that I have a good table to work with, the next step is to install some electrical outlets.  Any good workbench needs a place to plug in tools, and any good desk needs a power source for your computer.

We had an existing outlet on the right side of the door but the contacts were bent and corroded.  I decided to keep an outlet there and also splice a second one over to the left side of the door by the workbench.  Rather than try to run run new wires in the wall I opted for a design with mounted PVC conduits holding the conductors.  Here it is!



  • 2x two-plug device box
  • 2x weatherproof duplex outlet and wallplates
  • 3/4″ x  10′ PVC pipe and 3 elbows
  • 3/4″ pipe hangers
  • PVC cement & primer
  • 12′ outdoor electrical wire
  • 8 oz sample of color-matched exterior paint

Always disengage electrical power from the circuit – confirm with multimeter!  Then remove old hardware and install the first new device box and outlet.  Feed the wire into the PVC and start cutting and cementing each piece into place.  Then install the remote device box and outlet.  For a great look, bring in a color sample from your wall and Home Depot can mix up a custom match!  Use the color-matched exterior paint to make the conduits invisible.

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