Table surgery

You may remember my first draft of a table.  That table did NOT age well haha!  I started to get fancy and thought it would be good to pull out all the screws holding it together and pound some dowels in their place.  All-wood design sounds great, right?  Well, the problem was I didn’t actually glue all of the joints together so the table was on life support from day one.  That’s OK – we can fix it!


I barely got the table on saw horses before the whole thing came apart, but then we could start the triage.  I glued the five top planks to the cross beam and added the front legs and two dowels per join.  Then I assembled the rest of the structure but this time with full glue coverage at each join.  After drying took the dremel to all the uneven dowels, put down a coat of Danish oil and finished with light polyurethane.  Much better!


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