Drum modifications

Today I made some time to make modifications to my drumset.  I have been thinking about getting a new cymbal for a while (maybe Zildjian K Custom Hybrid ride???), but before making that investment I thought I would find a way to use all three of my cymbals.

  1. Re-drill the tom bracket on the mounted floor tom.  This way the batter head of the two toms is on the same plane.  I wonder why other 4-piece kits keep the floor tom on the floor..?
  2. Sew a stick bag and mount to the floor tom.  I needed a place to put sticks when I’m switching between hot rods and drum sticks.  I bought canvas, needles and waxed thread for this and I’m happy how it came out.
  3. Try out a cymbal tree.  This is pretty Frankenstein, but maybe I’ll like it!


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