No more bike :(

Oh no, my bike is gone!  All that was left was the cut lock this morning.

Oh the memories….

Why didn’t they take the crappy blue road bike instead (also?).

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Well at least I learned a lot about Renter’s Insurance as a result of this.  Here are my tips:

  1. You can’t file an insurance claim without your name and the items on a police report.  The report is mostly a formality, at least with Santa Clara county police departments.  You can do it online and immediately get a report “pending approval” with a tracking number.
  2. Your claim total is subject to depreciation!  For instance, the actuary tables say a bike lasts ten years, so when your three-year old bike is stolen your claim amount is reduced 30%.
  3. However, if you can provide copies of receipts for repurchasing the claimed items, the depreciation is no longer applied to your claim amount.
  4. You don’t need receipts for the claimed items, but you do need the best possible estimates of purchase price and product name.  Links to items on online stores work great.




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