If you know me fairly well and if you also happen to be into computer games, I’ve probably told you about my game, Samurai!.  The game was a project for me in 2004 using some very poor graphics library in C++ but despite its technical shortcomings… IT WAS AMAZING!!!


I’ve always felt that computer games don’t really capture sword-fighting very well.  In the late 90s, I was inspired by Die by the Sword because it was the first game to allow free sword movement instead of preset “attack” animations.  Taking Ryse as an example, stuffing pre-rendered animations into fighting mechanics has gotten much worse over the years.  The only problem I had with Die by the Sword was that the swordplay was too clunky for me to really get into it.  

So of course, the only reasonable thing to do was to write up a new game and “3D” engine from scratch so that I could get everything just the way I wanted.  SAMURAI!

You can play too!  Rename “Samurai.key” to “Samurai.exe”

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