So I finally got around to making a proper spice rack for the kitchen.  The old one was overflowing and spices were falling everywhere, but luckily there is a home depot a few miles nearby.  You almost can’t see it in the picture, but there is an acrylic sheet keeping the spices from falling out, while also leaving the spice labels fully legible.


Suggested items:

  1. Ikea spice rack (notice how the crossbar blocks the spice labels!)
  2. 4”x1” by 6′ pine board
  3. 24″x18″x0.093” acrylic sheet
  4. sand paper
  5. hacksaw
  6. plastic scribe
  7. superglue
  8. hammer & nails


  1. Hack apart the Ikea spice rack and take the wall mounts
  2. Hack up the board and sand it down
  3. Hack up the acrylic and sand it down
  4. Nail the board to the Ikea wall mounts
  5. Glue the acrylic to the board
  6. Gloat
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