Why buy solar modules when you can make them?

Watch out, everyone, there is a new business model in town for solar electricity…

No need to ship around heavy glass panels – just send out bare PV cells and the do-it-yourselfers will grab their soldering irons and stitch the panel together themselves:


These cells look like they are contacted in series.  I count 35 cells, which would be about 12 V max power, depending on how well they survived the shattering.  The smallest cell is maybe 30 cm^2, so we’re looking at 1 A, 12 V.  That’s probably plenty for an iPhone charger.

A little research later I think I can offer a recommendation for TomJDLeaf: make sure the string is at 5 V before hooking up your Apple products.  That probably means two strings in parallel.  Oh and good luck with the current-matching!!

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