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Goodbye old music equipment

I write a lot of posts in this blog about making and acquiring new music equipment, but this time I’m writing to say goodbye to a few pieces. I’m donating four pieces of well-loved but lightly used equipment to a … Continue reading

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Lighting retrofit

I just finished a kitchen lighting retrofit so I thought I would share some of the things I learned. Our kitchen had four 40W T12 fluorescent bulbs when we moved in and by the time two of bulbs stopped working … Continue reading

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PV module imaging and quality assurance

Near-infrared imaging and lock-in thermography provide detailed, complementary information for studying the performance of PV modules. In previous work, we described how to extract both local efficiency and nonuniformity characteristics from high-resolution images (as low as 22 μm/pixel). Near-infrared images … Continue reading

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Mt Umunhum ride

If you’ve spent time in San Jose, you’ve probably noticed the large concrete building on a mountain peak to the south in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The peak is Mt. Umunhum and the building is part of a radar tower … Continue reading

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24″ Pancake Monster

As much fun as I’ve been having with my pancake drum kit, I keep wondering how it would sound with a huge bass drum. One feature of a pancake rack tom is that it leaves plenty of room for big … Continue reading

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Screen door for the foster room

Earlier this year we started volunteering as part of the The Dancing Cat foster network, a group that cares for cats while they are looking for their forever home. We have two resident cats so keeping a two-week quarantine with … Continue reading

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Pancake drum kit

Ever since my trashcan bass drum project I’ve been trying to find the minimum requirements for making a drum. After a few sessions of use, the trashcan “bearing edge” started getting a little warped so I went back on the … Continue reading

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Updated busking kit

Using my new bass drum I updated my busking kit for playing on the street.  The requirement is that the hardware and throne have to fit in a rollerboard suitcase and the cymbals have to fit in the bass drum. 10″ … Continue reading

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Cannondale Synapse

After 5 years without a road bike I decided to invest in some new equipment.  I was lucky enough to get a huge discount on a 2018 Cannondale Synapse. Carbon frame and fork, Shimano RS505 discs with 105 hardware and … Continue reading

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Trash can bass drum

I’ve been looking for a portable bass drum for busking for month now and I finally have a solution.  I had some spare 18″ bass drum hardware and figured if I went to the hardware store I could find something … Continue reading

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